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Juniper Vacation Packages

Configure your Vacation Packages combining own and external products.

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Juniper Vacation Packages

With Juniper Vacation Packages, you will be able to perform the following actions:

  • Design integrally each Package combining own product with external supplier products.
  • Offer additional services, which may be optional or mandatory.
  • Present a detailed package price breakdown to the customer.
  • Sell your Packages On-line using a secure payment gateway.
  • Configure commissions and payment methods from your intermediaries.
  • Obtain reports and statistics that will enhance managing products that are part of the package.

In Juniper, we offer two Package modules that you may configure according to your needs.

Predefined Packages

The Predefined Packages allow you to upload in your system your own vacation predefined packages with a specific duration, departure dates, different hotels, allotment and room types with closed prices to which you may add an optional supplement or taxes.

With this module, you may assign a closed fixed Price (Sales and/or total cost per PAX) for the complete package.

  • 1 You may upload the product (Hotel, Rooms, Allotment and prices, Supplements, costs and services) in the booking Engine and create the Predefined Packages.
  • 2 We have a Predefined Package Library available.
  • 3 You obtain the results of the search.
  • 4 Once you obtain the predefined packages results, you will be able to change the product (only Hotel), if the hotel we obtained, by default is not the preferred one.
  • 5 You may search, select and delete optional products (only supplements), if any.
  • 6 We have a Price validator and consistency of the package that will validate the dates, prices, stays and package allotment.
  • 7 In the last step, you will confirm the package booking and the allotment assignment.

Dynamic Packages

Dynamic packages are more flexible than Predefined packages.

They allow you to offer existing products from your inventory and/or external supplier products, in other words, you may create packages with the contracts you uploaded in the system and xml connections you negotiated with your suppliers, offering a dynamically calculated price.

  • 1 You may upload own product Hotel, Flights, Predefined Packages, Car Hire, Supplements and Services (Transfers, services and insurance) in the booking engine and generate an own product database.
  • 2 Apart from own product, you may have xml connections of external products that provide Hotels, Flights, Packages, Car Hire and Services (Transfers, services and insurance).
  • 3 We have a Dynamic Package Library.
  • 4 You may obtain the search results.
  • 5 Once you obtain the dynamic packages results, you may change any product that is part of the package.
  • 6 You may search, select and delete optional products such as Transfers, services, insurance, Car Hire and Supplements.
  • 7 We have a validator of prices and consistency of the package that will validate the dates, prices, stays and package allotment.
  • 8 In the last step, you may confirm the package booking and assign allotment.

You can also edit:

  • Master Package: packages with flexible destination and duration (they always have to have at least a hotel or a flight).
  • Multiple destination Packages: packages with more than one destination.
  • City Packs: Packages with services and required transfers, optional, etc…
  • Optional Products to all packages (except hotel, flights and predefined).


Predefined Packages

Dynamic Packages